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  1. Listen to Sweet Home Chicago now.
  2. 90 Percent of New Guitarists Abandon Playing Within a Year, Fender Says
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Perhaps Chess resembled the students in the movie Back to the Future. He plays Johnny B. Eric Clapton is one of our favorite musicians. Over his career, he has been affiliated with a number of bands before embarking on a solo career. Eric Clapton is one of the premier guitarists in the world. Although he is incredibly versatile, his first love has always been the blues.

Clapton got his start in while still in his teens, as the lead guitarist for the British blues-revival group the Yardbirds. After about 18 months, Clapton quit the Yardbirds when they changed their focus from blues-revival music to more straightforward rock and roll. Although Cream received tremendous acclaim for their blend of blues and hard rock, personal tensions within the group were exceptionally high. Clapton found himself caught in the middle between drummer Ginger Baker and bassist Jack Bruce, who loathed each other.

Cream broke up after about three years, and Clapton once again found himself searching for a group. After a short hiatus, Eric formed the quartet Derek and the Dominos. The Allman Brothers lead guitarist Duane Allman sat in for roughly half the songs on the Derek and the Dominos double album. Following that, Clapton embarked on a long and distinguished solo career.

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Although he has dealt with a number of difficult personal issues, he is an absolutely spectacular guitar player and bluesman. Particularly when working in his favorite blues idiom, Eric Clapton has wonderful musical instincts. He combines speed and precision, and seems to hit the perfect note every time.

Karaoke Sweet Home Chicago - The Blues Brothers *

I really enjoy this video, as you can see Clapton in the studio, initially giving directions to the recording engineers. The song provides solo opportunities for organ, piano and rhythm guitar, in addition to a short solo bit by Eric himself.


Listen to Sweet Home Chicago now.

As always, he produces guitar work of great economy and virtuosity. After a couple of stays there, he conquered his addictions and appears to have been clean and sober ever since. Clapton has since founded a drug treatment facility called the Crossroads Centre in Antigua. Clapton has organized a Crossroads Guitar Festival event in order to provide funds for the Centre.

90 Percent of New Guitarists Abandon Playing Within a Year, Fender Says

The event has been held five times, with performers who were hand-picked by Eric. It has been a phenomenal success both musically and as a fund-raiser. So here is such a jam session. As you can see, Sweet Home Chicago is a perfect vehicle for this sort of star-studded ensemble song. Buddy Guy leads off the song, Buddy and Eric share the vocals, and every guitarist takes a brief solo during the piece. The song is a great showcase for these blues guitarists, and a real treat for the audience.

We will leave you with one final photo.

Sweet Home Chicago?

A group of legendary musicians put on a performance of blues music in the East Room of the White House. Their last song on the program was, appropriately, Sweet Home Chicago. The musicians persuaded President Obama to join in singing the chorus of this song. King; and Gary Clark, Jr. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Best Home Sweet Home Chicago images | Chicago, Chicago restaurants, Chicago hotels

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tim's Cover Story. Exploring roots of rock music using comparisons of original songs and covers of those songs. Skip to content. Home About. Like this: Like Loading He studies the properties of the quarks and gluons that form the internal structure of protons and neutrons. He also writes a blog "Tim's Cover Story" that compares covers of important songs in rock music history.

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From to , he and his wife shared their college-town experiences with two delightful cats, siblings Lewis and Clark, who enormously enriched their lives. Together with his colleague Steven Vigdor, Tim is co-author of a blog "Debunking Denial," that discusses the difference between skepticism and denial as manifested in various current issues. He is also co-founder of "Concerned Scientists of Indiana University," a group that supports evidence-based science, funding for science research, and policies based on the best available scientific information.

His hobbies include tennis and ornithology, and he is a life-long fan of the St.

Streaming Made Albums Irrelevant, So Sheryl Crow Decided to Make This One Her Last

Louis Cardinals baseball team. Class n. Morning SP. S W Flanagan. Rated B J Cooper. R A Doyle. Donagh Meyler. A P Heskin. Rated 1. Rachael Blackmore. E O'Connell. Change of Trainer Colin Bowe. S E O'Rourke. J R Doyle. B O'Neill. Date Course. OR Class. Wed 31st Jul. Thu 23rd May. Their Sweet Home Chicago took the spoils in the three miler.

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