Shakespeare: The Basics

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  1. The English Association Shakespeare Study Day for A-Level Teachers
  2. Shakespeare: The Basics
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  4. Shakespeare: The Basics
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The English Association Shakespeare Study Day for A-Level Teachers

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Shakespeare: The Basics

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3rd Edition

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Shakespeare: The Basics

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It should be noted that there are also many prose passages in Shakespeare's plays and some lines of trochaic tetrameter , such as the Witches' speeches in Macbeth. Sonnet Structure There are fourteen lines in a Shakespearean sonnet. The first twelve lines are divided into three quatrains with four lines each. In the three quatrains the poet establishes a theme or problem and then resolves it in the final two lines, called the couplet.

Shakespeare's World | Shakespeare's Globe

The rhyme scheme of the quatrains is abab cdcd efef. The couplet has the rhyme scheme gg.

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  7. This sonnet structure is commonly called the English sonnet or the Shakespearean sonnet, to distinguish it from the Italian Petrarchan sonnet form which has two parts: a rhyming octave abbaabba and a rhyming sestet cdcdcd. The Petrarchan sonnet style was extremely popular with Elizabethan sonneteers, much to Shakespeare's disdain he mocks the conventional and excessive Petrarchan style in Sonnet