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Whilst most organisations have a unique point of difference, this point of difference is not usually because of their customer service. Therefore, my goal is to work with organisations and their people to make sure that their customer service is not considered as dime a dozen. When the customer service is right in an organisation then they really will have a competitive advantage over other businesses and will begin to see sustained and long-term results.

The Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive

If you were asked to draw a symbol of exceptional customer service, what would you draw? On the reverse side are three symbols: an olive branch, a torch and an oak branch. These three symbols have a powerful meaning which can be used in relation to the meaning of what exceptional customer service looks like. The olive branch is internationally known as being a symbol of peace.

Now, whilst I would never consider customer service to be related to war, people often get caught up in the negative aspects of service. Changing the customer service culture of an organisation and removing the conflict mindset is like holding an olive branch. The torch in the centre symbolises enlightenment, hope and wisdom.

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This focuses on the people within an organisation who develop knowledge, awareness and understanding of customers to be able to serve them better. Finally, the oak branch symbolises the strength and endurance that organisations will receive as a result of the focus and perseverance in attaining exceptional customer service for sustained and long-term business results.

When I think of the word dime, I relate it to a diamond by the pronunciation and rhyme. In relation to customer service there are many comparisons that can be drawn between a diamond and the people of an organisation.

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The diamond is one of the hardest natural minerals on earth. Hardness and solidarity can be represented in organisations by their customer service culture. Diamonds are also highly resistant and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and crushing.

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A strong customer service culture within an organisation will be able to withstand change, especially the significant responsibility that lies within being professionals in serving an ever-changing market of customers. Diamonds have a high optical dispersion, which can reflect light in spectral colours. This is usually very enticing for the eye to see! Visit Store Follow. Color: Please select a Color.

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