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He spent a lot of time in jail. Shivani : The "Le Sancerre" poems in the current book recall Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons , except that the earlier book is engaged in an endless, impossible elaboration perhaps to the extent of satisfying the urge to voyeurism , while the current poems are almost circumspect. Hacker : Love, Death and the Changing of the Seasons is a kind of novel in verse, about the arc of an urban lesbian love affair--and I suppose there is a certain amount of voyeurism in the consumption of fiction!

Hacking Poem by Alexandra Motschmann - Poem Hunter

The "Sancerre" poems here are more contemplative, and about the relationship of the individual to local and wider histories. Shivani : What is your relationship to Algerian writer Kateb Yacine? Is there a sense in which you almost envy someone like Yacine, for the reality of his exile? From on, he wrote--and directed and produced--plays in Algerian dialectal Arabic when practically no one had attempted literature in dialectal language following, and preceding, plays, novels and poetry in French.

The Poet and the Variable

He was nonetheless? When he died in Grenoble--of leukemia, at barely 60, in an Algerian fundamentalist mufti issued a fatwa saying that he should not be buried in Algeria, or on Islamic soil--but he had a hero's funeral, attended by thousands, in Algeria nonetheless.

Like that of Mahmoud Darwish in Ramallah He may have resembled the "exiles" in the sequence on one cold afternoon or another, but he was not cut off from the literatures or the life of either of his countries, and his marginality was that of an ideological and aesthetic rebel. His experience of exile was not that of a Marina Tsvetaeva, or a Joseph Roth. How can a writer resist under a tyranny--while "an empire's gearshifts creak behind" her, as you put it? Hacker : Akhmatova's own life and work are one example. Akhmatova, in contrast, had decades "underground," when publication was impossible except in samizdat form--or by memorizing poems that would otherwise not have continued to exist after their composition as we see her doing with Lidia Chukovskaia in the "Glose" on her poem "Willow".

The fact that some people, at least, looked to the poets for resistance, for poetry that was itself an act of resistance, seems to be part of the response to your question: if poetry is read as, itself, resistance, then it is a way for a writer to resist--even under a tyranny.

You're very fond of Sapphics.

Marilyn Hacker Bio

How does the form heighten your dialectic in a poem like "Lettera amorosa"? Hacker : What I like about Sapphics is the music of a non-iambic metric in English.


On Marriage

Of course the 'trochee trochee dactyl trochee trochee" pattern is only the vaguest approximation of quantitative metrics, but it nonetheless imposes lyrical or playful exigencies on the language of the poem that lead, in the best of cases, to discovery, directions to the poem unexpected even to the poet.

Here, you're addressing an internal exile--as all poets are. This poem has a more relaxed tone than the ones written to Yacine and Akhmatova--as if together you belonged to a knowing conspiracy of marginality. Hacker : This is a playful, affectionate poem to a friend--who is a wonderful poet, but, like myself, far from being a national figure or an avatar of any cause. And it is a poem addressed to someone who is there to read it while the book's readers read over his shoulder so it is of course more relaxed, and, at the same time, takes up, or I hope it does, the challenge of writing an "epistolary" poem of interest to others than the recipient of the letter.

Shivani : "Glose: Sunday noon haze on the fruit-stalls of Belleville" is an elegy; what exactly is it that you're regretting the passing of?

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As in other poems, the saving action of memory is evoked in the end Hacker : That is part of the glose form: the first four lines of the Emmanuel Moses poem in translation become the last lines of each of the four stanzas of my poem. But there is the sense of the city of Paris as a kind of secular "Jerusalem" pervading the poem. Could you explain this please?

Hacker : Are any two friendships alike? It seems too obvious to contrast a non-erotic friendship between a man and a woman with a friendship between two women and every friendship has its own erotics. In one case, different gender, same nationality, with, therefore, certain references and even experiences in common--more of a common sense of humor, too; in the other case, same gender, different and plural nationalities Mimi was born in Iran, lives in England and writes in English , some widely divergent experiences, and others poetry, motherhood, displacement very much in common.

Shivani : You collaborate wonderfully on the renga with Palestinian-American poet Deema Shehabi; this form would seem to be ideal to overcome otherness, which you definitely do in this poem.

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One imagines a civilization-wide renga, voices collaborating from across distances, to create a new whole Hacker : In fact, the very first renga of the series was composed as part of an American nation-wide renga project, itself part of a larger arts project called ArtTrain. Mine was written during the Israeli invasion of Gaza in January of but the project involved receiving a renga from the preceding participant and sending one on to the next one.

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Deema and I took this idea and turned it into a conversation of our own: we've got about fifty of them between us so far, and their "locations" vary from California to Beirut to Paris to the Occupied Territories, and many other places too. But yours is a lovely idea--more voices, and from more places, though we might have to stay in one language.

Hacker: "Prove that I lie" Shall we take President Obama's Nobel Prize speech for starting remarks? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. What is incontrovertible is her technical brilliance in allying form to a brash, contemporary language so that her poems seem both spontaneous and perfectly controlled. The stuff of life - people, places, food, politics - has remained her material, her poems busy with incident and restless energy. The lives and experience of women are central concerns as in her narrative sonnet sequence Love, Death and the Changing of the Seasons , a passionate chronicle of a love story between an older poet and younger woman.

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Her tone has darkened over time: her sombre collection Winter Numbers: Poems records her own struggle with breast cancer and the deaths of close friends from AIDS. Her latest collection Desperanto: Poems is informed, as the title suggests, by her despair over the consequences of recent US foreign policy.

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As well as her ground-breaking poetry, Hacker has had an important influence through her role as an editor and teacher. Her editorship of The Kenyon Review from took this venerable institution into new territory, publishing many more minority and marginalised voices alongside established literary names. The poems you can listen to here encapsulate the essential sociability of Hacker's poetry, three of them being written to or for close friends. Hacker's radical politics has always found expression through personal experience as she herself has acknowledged: "It's not a question of an issue, but a question of the people I know who are close to me, who are health-care workers, or living with illnesses, or the neighbours, housed and homeless It's typical of Hacker that the free-wheeling tone and use of enjambment almost disguises the strict abba rhyme scheme.

This poem is revealed as elegy only in the last quatrain, a note of mortality which is central to the other poems here; in her exploration of the struggle of her friend, the poet Muriel Rukeyeser, in recovering from a stroke; her moving elegy for the writer and activist, June Jordan; and her sestina 'Morning News' which records her sense of the violation of domestic space at the outbreak of the Iraq War. Throughout, Hacker's pacy delivery and the spiky rhythms of her native accent chime with the sense of urgency in these poems, the desire to capture life's texture even when dealing with loss.

Ingram Merrill Foundation Fellowship Prize website. Explore poetry Browse poems Browse poets Special collections. Read this poem. Morning News Marilyn Hacker. Elegy for a Soldier Marilyn Hacker. Crepuscule for Muriel Marilyn Hacker. Previous Next. About Marilyn Hacker Marilyn Hacker b. Her recording was made on 28 February in Atlanta, Georgia. Essays on Deparure: New and Selected Poems , Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons, Arbor