A Different Kind of Honor (Honor Series)

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These assignments included police shootings, civil-rights violations — and he tracked down fugitives all over the country. He was not your average cop.

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He was very, very professional. The following is from an article by S. Zebulon Vance Casey III, fifty-six, a retired Philadelphia police sergeant whose experiences provided many of the authentic details for a series of best-selling novels about the city police department, died in his sleep of a heart attack. Born in Petersburg, Va.


Casey lived in Philadelphia for 26 years before moving to Southampton in the late s. A Vietnam War Marine Corps veteran from the early s, he settled in Philadelphia after leaving the military. Casey was with the Philadelphia Police Department for twenty-two years, retiring as a sergeant in Internal Affairs. He worked throughout most of the 19 70s as a detective and was promoted to sergeant in His two decades of work in the city police led to an unusual honor.

The Knights of Honor

She is even a martial artist of note, earning an eighth level black belt at one point. Honor is six feet two inches tall, and is a source of a lot of humor found in the series. Especially when she is compared to her tiny mom, Allison Harrington. She has brown, slightly almond shaped eyes, and a cool soprano voice. She views hot cocoa to be far superior to coffee, which she loathes. Most of the novels and stories cover the events that occur between and AD with Post-Diaspora starting with a moving throughout the stars from Sol, our sun in the year AD.

The main series of novels is set for the most part on a time line that starts forty years after Honor was born. Some of the stories explore the events of her earlier career. Weber had originally planned to kill off Harrington in the fifth book, but it was changed later on to parallel Nelson by making her die at the height of her career in the Battle of Manticore, a climatic fight in AD or PD. He then wanted her kids to continue the series as the heroes. Honor Harrington is in trouble. She made him look like a fool, and is exiled to Basilisk in disgrace for it and set up to be ruined by a superior officer that hates her.

She is blamed by her demoralized crew for their ship being given a humiliating posting to the out of the way picket station. The aborigines on the only habitable planet in the system have been smoking some homicide inducing hallucinogens.

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Parliament is unsure about keeping the place: the major local industry on the planet is smuggling, and the merchant cartels want her head. It is tough to give peace a chance when the other side views war as something that comes before a conquest. Which is why Manticore needs to get some allies against Haven, and planet Grayson looks to make for a good ally.

The Foreign Office failed to notice a cultural difference when they had Honor Harrington go and carry the flag. The Proles have started revolting. The ruling class knows what it will take to keep power.

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One more short and victorious war that will unite all of the people and fill up the treasury once again. It is card they have played quite a few times in the last fifty years and they have always been successful with it. All that stands in the way is the Star Kingdom of Manticore and its weakening allies. This time the Peeps are up against something different.

This time, they will have to take on Captain Honor Harrington along with a Royal Manticoran Navy that is ready to give them a war that will be far from short. Not to mention anything but victorious. The Peeps are now in disarray, with their leaders fighting for power in a bloody revolution, and the Royal Manticoran Navy is victorious.

Reviews – A Different Kind of Honor | Robert Macomber

The Bible has many examples: King Nebuchadnezzar forced everyone to worship him, and many did, but that honor was fleeting Dan 4. Eli and sons honored themselves by keeping the preferred sacrifices, but at the expense of despising God 2 Sam ff. Jesus told the Pharisees to not seek the places of honor at a feast, lest they be humiliated Luke Being an honorable and respectable person in the community is a key qualification of leaders in the local church 1 Tim , That would handicap our communication.

Unfortunately, that is our situation with honor. The word has many varieties, but we use the same linguistic handle for conveying all those meanings. The Holy Spirit empowers believers to forego bad honor and to live out patterns of good honor; possessing the promise of eternal honor makes this possible. Lewis Got Face? About HonorShame.


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